Providing consumers the credit they need

Traditional installment lending is a form of non-bank consumer credit for relatively small sums, which are repaid in equal installments of principal and interest. It is a form of borrowing that has been around for generations.

Loans are generally made from store front locations in the communities they serve. Traditional installment lenders don’t make gray or black-market loans – or so-called “payday” or “vehicle title” loans. We are tightly regulated and subject to ongoing, rigorous state examinations. 

Our members are compliant with all local, state, and federal governmental regulations and standards. 

“Americans need credit and clear rules of the road. The CFPB can create reasonable regulations that protect consumers’ access to credit, which is crucial to financial stability and economic mobility, and we want to work with the agency to ensure that happens.” 

Bill Himpler, President & CEo, American financial services association